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    Advertising Quiz


    Write the letter of the word in the space provided.

     A.Demonstrations                                  B. Fun/Relaxation Appeal                                   C. Celebrity Endorsement

    D. Bandwagon Appeal                             E. Popularity Appeal                                           F. Voice of Authority

    G. Romance/Sex Appeal                         H. The “Deal” Appeal                                          I. Scientific Evidence

    J. Comparison Tests                                K. Maturity/Sophistication Appeal


    _____ 1. Famous or well-known people talk about how great a product is.       

    _____ 2. Creates a sense of urgency and excitement by implying that this

                   is a deal that is too good to pass up.

    _____ 3. Intended to show how well a product works.

    _____ 4. Experts such as doctors or scientists talk about the effectiveness

                   of a product.

    _____ 5. Intended to convince you to buy a product by implying that if you

                   use it you will be more popular.

    _____ 6. Creates the impression that everybody is using a product and you

                   should too.

    _____ 7. Presents “facts” and statistics from surveys supporting the

                   effectiveness of a product.

    _____ 8. Intended to sell a product by convincing you that it will help you

                   to have more fun or feel more relaxed.

    _____ 9. Uses very attractive models in a way that implies that using the

                   product will make you more romantically or sexually attractive.

    _____ 10. Presents the results of consumer opinion polls or “taste tests”

                     involving direct comparisons of similar (competing) products.

    _____ 11. Intended to show that if you buy a product you will be more

                     grown-up, sophisticated, and fashionable.


    Complete the following sentences with the correct word.

    1. A target group is _____________________________________________________________buy a product being advertised because the companies are trying to sell a product to them.
    2. What is the name of the name which is written on the ad? _____________________________________________
    3. What is the message that is not written on the ad, but is understood by the overall “look” or “sound” of the ad? _______________________________________________