•  Concert Band

    Concert Band

    Mr. Caleb Rebarchak, conductor

    Phone # 355-4833 ex 8129


    Concert Band is for 1 credit and meets 5 days within the 6 day cycle. It is open to all musicians grade 9-12.  Honors Band is only available to students in grades 10-12 who are enrolled in Concert Band. Students in Honors Band receive a weighted grade of 1.4 credit which can help your overall GPA. Honors Band does require projects outside of band rehearsals. Performances for Concert Band include concerts in December, March, May, and a spring performance trip. Check out the Fine Arts Calendar for dates.
    Course Questions
    1. What Skills are needed to be able to play the instrument correctly?
    2. How does learning about music enhance our understanding and appreciation?
    3. What makes a performance superior?
    4. What musical experiences have shaped your preferences?

    These Musical Elements will be covered during these classes.

    1. Study of a variety of quality literature (musical background, history, composer, etc.)
    2. Melodic Accuracy
    3. Rhythmic Accuracy
    4. Balance and Blend
    5. Intonation
    6. Expression
    7. Musical Terminology
    8. Sight-reading
    9. Care and Maintenance of Instruments
    10. Appropriate concert conduct & etiquette


    • Daily Participation: being prepared to play for each rehearsal - 5 points daily
      • Arrive on time, be in your seat ready to play at Mr. Rebarchak's downbeat. 1 point
      • Be prepared to play (have your folder, your instrument, no gum.) 1 point
      • Play when asked and sit quietly when other sections are working (remain seated when not playing). 1 point
      • Put instrument and music away securely when rehearsal is over (all percussion cover equipment and clean up area, mallets and music). 1 point
      • Do your best to not distract from the rehearsal (remain calm when not playing). -  1 point
    • Written performance evaluations - 25 points
    • Performance in concerts - 50 points each
    • Four Playing tests (1 per quarter) - 10 points each
    • Midterm test/project - 10% of the semester grade
    • Final test/project - 10% of the final grade
    • Extra credit can be earned by performing for non scholastic functions in various ensembles as these become available throughout the year.


    The Concert Band will present a minimum of 4-5 performances per school year. In addition to our regular seasonal concerts, the Concert Band also performs as part of the spring adjudication trip and at graduation (weather permitting).  All concerts are held beyond the regular school day. All members of the concert band are expected to participate in all concerts.  Anticipated dates for concerts are as follows:  

    • Holiday Concert- December 17, 7:30pm
    • Winter Concert- March 12, 7:30pm
    • Spring Concert -May 6, 7:30pm
    • Spring Performance Trip - date and location TBA
    • Commencement- June

    Be sure to check the Fine Arts Calendar for dates and times of all performances.

    PMEA District, Regional, and All-State Festivals

    Motivated students in grades 10-12 are eligible to participate in PMEA District, Regional and All-State Band Festivals. (Selection to District is by application/audition with Mr. Rebarchak - Regional and All-State are a result of chair placement auditions held at the festivals).

    All students are eligible to participate in extra curricular activities: Marching Band, Brass Choir, Woodwind Choir, Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, and small ensembles such as duets, soloists, trios,  etc. 


    Mr. Caleb Rebarchak, Director of Bands

    814-355-4833 ex 8129