•  Concert Band

    Concert Band

    Mr. Caleb Rebarchak, conductor

    Phone # 355-4833 ex 8129


    Concert Band is for 1 credit and meets 5 days within the 6 day cycle. It is open to all musicians grade 9-12.  Honors Band is only available to students in grades 10-12 who are enrolled in Concert Band. Students in Honors Band receive a weighted grade of 1.4 credit which can help your overall GPA. Honors Band does require projects outside of band rehearsals. Check out the Fine Arts Calendar for dates.
    Concert/Honors Band Syllabus 2020-21 (Please follow this link to sign virtually on the Google Form to acknowledge that you have received this information.)
    Course Questions
    • What skills are needed to be able to play the instrument correctly?
    • How does learning about music enhance our understanding and appreciation?
    • What makes a performance superior?
    • What musical experiences have shaped your preferences?
    These musical elements will be covered during class.
    • Study of music history and composers through class repertoire
    • Melodic & Rhythmic Accuracy
    • Developing active listening skills pertaining to music
    • Balance, Blend, Intonation
    • Musical Expression & Terminology
    • Sight-reading
    • Care and Maintenance of Instruments


    Each Performing Arts instructor will decide on a public performance for their classes and ensembles for the fall semester. These will most likely be in the form of recordings or live-streams posted to our various Performing Arts social media platforms. There will not be traditional evening concerts. This decision was reached via discussion between all Performing Arts staff, taking into account the current research and science for participant and audience safety. Spring performances will be evaluated after January. Check out the Fine Arts Calendar on the website for dates and updated information.

    Mr. Caleb Rebarchak, Director of Bands

    814-355-4833 ex 8129