• What is information fluency?

  • Why should I care about information fluency?

  • What is Creative Commons licensing?

  • What are some examples of fact-checking sites?

  • Where can I find Open Educational Resource lessons?

  • Copyright and fair use for teachers and students

    Copyright: Reuse, Remix, Transform!

    Copyright-Friendly image search
    Did you know that images found on the internet cannot be legally used, even for educational use, if they are not labeled as copyright free or with a Creative Commons license allowing reuse? The search box below can be used to quickly search 10 sites that provide copyright-friendly images that can be used by teachers and students.

  • More information

    Reliable search sites

    Libraries offer access to various paid resources that provide information from reputable and reliable sources. Some of the resources include World Book EncyclopediaPower LibrarySIRSHistory Study Center and the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Check building’s library webpages or with your librarian to learn more about available resources.

    Tech tools and resources

    Use the links in the navigation menu to access videos, tutorials, cheat sheets, and lesson ideas that utilize Google Workspace for Education tools. The resources for Google MailDrive and Calendar will provide tips to help you get organized and save time by working more efficiently. It's recommended to use Google Classroom for sharing and collecting files and links from students.

    Free Technology for Teachers: This site provides information about new tech tools, along with instructional videos and tutorials for using tech tools for learning

    Adblock Plus: Install this Chrome extension to block annoying and distracting ads. This extension has been installed for all district students when they sign in to their Chromebooks