• Students perform in holiday shows

    pghStudents at Marion-Walker and Pleasant Gap elementary schools held annual holiday programs – this year, with a show titled “Twinkle and Shine.”

    This year’s show also marked elementary music teacher Sue Zimmerman’s 36th year directing the acts, with plays written by Marion-Walker kindergarten teacher Patty Correll.

    Correll said fifth-grade students performed in a play, which took place at the North Pole. The mission? Find the perfect tree for Santa! They also played instruments and sang songs. All grade-level students also sang songs for each scene, while third-grade students accompanied some melodies on the recorder.

    The finale of the show featured more than 370 students from Marion-Walker and nearly 240 students from Pleasant Gap who sang songs such as, “The Light at the Top of the Tree” and “Season of Celebration.”

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD