• Elementary students participate in Hour of Code

    codingComputer Science Education Week is Dec. 4-10, and business and computer teacher Julie Henry is making sure elementary school students are getting their share of education on the subject.

    Through Dec. 13, students will participate in an initiative called Hour of Code that allows them to learn how to program computer software. Henry said the students use www.code.org to play games, and create logos through programming. Games included Minecraft, and a “Moana” racing game.

    The objective is for students to create a character that’s graphics move by way of appropriate coding. Students make computer codes through blocks in the game that require the pieces to link together like a puzzle that then enables the characters to move. If the blocks are placed incorrectly, the characters are prevented from moving. A program was also used that allowed students to create their own Google logo.

    “I think it’s cool because it shows me what goes into the stuff behind how a video game works,” Bellefonte Elementary fourth-grader Riley Venable said.

    See video for more information: Hour of Code

    *By Brit Milazzo, public relations director, BASD