Contact Information:  It is best to contact me through email (lkipp@basd.net).  You could also reach me at the school at extension 2222. If you do not hear back from me within a day of leaving a message, or sending an email, then there is a good chance I did not receive it (or somehow overlooked it).  I promise that I do not ignore any messages! :)

    Homework:  I do not give much homework! One occasion, I ask the class to practice the day’s math lesson (or past lesson concepts) on IXL.com, or I give the kids an Everyday Math practice sheet titled “Home Link.”  If your child tells you they forgot their Home Link sheet, please have them log into the connected.mcgraw-hill.com website (which the kids were given a login and password for) and print the home link sheet from that website. Occasionally they will also need to study/review for a test or finish science or math classwork that is not completed in class.  Please initial their homework page each evening after a homework assignment is completed. 

    *Starting in October, I will send home “3 Minute Timed Test” sheets to be completed at home each evening for 3 minutes (Monday through Thursday). I ask that parents set a timer to time your child for 3 minutes as they answer multiplication facts. Parents then should check their facts sheet (an answer key will be provided), and then record the number of problems correct out of 50 on a provided chart.  More information will come to parents when we begin this daily practice. 

    Homework Folders:  I give the kids homework folders at the start of the school year to help them to carry papers to and from school.  I also give them a homework sheet each week to record their assignments, and I ask them to share their completed assignments with parents, and to get your initials/signature when the assignment is completed. I have discussed with the kids that this is their responsibility, so they should not be putting the responsibility of homework completion onto parents, and they should not tell me, “My mom/dad forgot to sign this...”  The idea is that the kids should be getting into the habit of recording their own assignments and keeping track of homework that is completed. This is important so that they learn to become responsible in the upper schooling years.

    Science/Social Studies:  The kids will be taught Science for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd marking period.  Social Studies (Pennsylvania & Government) will be taught the 4th marking period. 

    Math:  They will be assessed daily on the day’s lesson, which is entered into the computer for a grade. The unit tests will be given at the end of each unit.  You will not see a letter grade on their unit test, just a number at the top indicating the number of errors. The Everyday Math grade system has a lot of points in the gradebook each marking period, since each math question can have multiple standards graded (depending on the question). The kids usually have some room to make errors and still do well. After their unit tests are sent home, please look over your child’s errors, sign it and return it to school.

    Specials:  Day 1 is Tech Ed or Guidance, Day 2 is Art, Day 3 is Phys. Ed., Day 4 is Music, Day 5 is Library, Day 6 is Phys. Ed. or Health.

    Study Skills & Strategies:  I teach the kids study skills and strategies throughout the entire school year. Please feel free to share with your child the strategies that you’ve used to help you learn or memorize something in school.  We have discussed that sharing such strategies gives the class wonderful ideas to make learning easier. 

    Parent Volunteers:  Please let me know if you are willing to be a parent volunteer during the school year. You must be board approved to volunteer.

    Classroom Supplies:  If you are able to provide any classroom supplies… We are always in need of tissues. Thank you!! :)

    Daily Snacks: Students may bring in a daily snack, but please make sure they are not bringing in anything with nuts due to peanut allergies. 

    Birthday Treats: Parents are always welcome to send in cupcakes or birthday treats to celebrate your child’s special day.  Please be aware of allergies in the class when you provide a class treat. Please do not send in anything that needs to be cut, and be aware if the treat requires utensils or plates.

    Thank you in advance for all of your support!  I know the parents and children in this community are wonderful, and I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you!

    Mrs. Lynn Kipp