• Quiz: Get Organized in 5
    Directions: After reading “Get Organized in 5” on pages 12–13 of this issue of Choices, fill in the bubble next to the best answer for each question below.
    1. What is the Color System for?
    A. organizing your homework
    B. organizing your time
    C. organizing your backpack
    D. organizing your workspace
    2. You’ll get ___________________________ from crossing things off your Tonight Plan list.
    A. an angry feeling
    B. sick
    C. upset
    D. an energizing high
    3. Create a Go Zone ____________________ where you put everything you’ll need for the next day.
    A. near your bed
    B. in your bathroom
    C. by the door
    D. on your kitchen chair
    4. Creating a designated study spot stocked with everything you need _____________________ ___________________________________________.
    A. saves you time and energy
    B. gives you less ground to cover when stuff goes missing
    C. creates a space that will always remind you of buckling down
    D. all of the above
    5. A nice benefit of getting organized the night before is ___________________________________.
    A. getting extra sleep in the morning
    B. forgetting what you have to do the next day
    C. staying up late
    D. watching more TV
    6. The benefit of using an app to organize your time is that it can ______________________.
    A. do your homework for you
    B. sync across all your devices
    C. make your lunch
    D. all of the above