• Crest           Safety Net Behavior and Academic Contract         Head

      August 28, 2018

     I _________________________________ (printed name) hereby acknowledge that today I will be enrolled in the Bellefonte Area School District’s Safety Net program.  I understand the reasons why I am enrolled in this program (behavioral, academic, or both).  I take full responsibility for my actions and will do my best to succeed in this program.


    ______ (initial) I understand that “Failure Is Not An Option”.  As such, I agree to take this program seriously and put forth my best effort.

    ______ (initial) I understand that daily work and assignments are part of a student’s everyday school life.  I also understand that refusal to work on and complete assignments are not an option in Safety Net.  When I finish an assignment, I agree to remain silent so that others may continue thier work without disruption.

    ______ (initial) I agree to be respectful toward my peers and my teachers.  I will not impede anyone else’s learning process or progress.  I understand that any contact with ISS (In School Suspension) students is not permitted.

    ______ (initial) I agree to use all classroom materials appropriately.  I will ask permission to use any classroom materials.  I understand that the teacher’s desk area and filing cabinets are “Off Limits” to students.

    ______ (initial) I understand that computer use is a privilege.  I will use computers properly and maturely.  I will not view inappropriate sites and understand the consequences of the violation.  I understand that playing games on the computer can be an earned reward through effort, completed assignments, and proper behavior.  I will ask permission to play games when the reward level is achieved.  I will use the headphones and keyboard only for their intended purposes.  I will not unplug any cords, remove keys, or damage school property in any way.

    ______ (initial) I understand the school district policy on electronics.  Cell phones are to be kept in the student’s locker.  Phones may also be given to the teacher and returned upon class dismissal.  Kindles or eReaders may be used but must be registered.  Personal laptops, Ipads, and game devices are not permitted.

    ______ (initial) I agree to the list of rewards and incentives developed by myself and the Safety Net teacher.  I understand that other students in the school may not have access to the same reward system and I will not abuse the privilege and opportunity.

    ______ (initial) I understand and agree with the rules and procedures established by the school administration and Safety Net teacher.  I also understand the incentives and consequences of my academics and behaviors.



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    Safety Net Teacher Signature ____________________________                         Date: ________


    Revised 8/28/19