During the 2021-2022 school year, the USDA 
    has offered FREE meals to ALL STUDENTS! 
    For the 2021-2022 school year both BREAKFAST and LUNCH meals are available to ALL STUDENTS at NO charge through the USDA Program. Students must select at least 3 food components (one must be a fruit or vegetable) to qualify as a MEAL at NO charge.  Milk is available for purchase to accompany a packed lunch from home at the cost of $.60.  Whenever possible considering school lunch service structure and scheduling, extra milk, and a la carte items may be available.  Students must be purchasing a meal in order to purchase a la carte items.
    As we are starting 21/22 school year with normal service and menus, we are experiencing unprecedented issues with the supply chain that may require us to make substitutions to the planned menu.  Our commitment is to continue to work very closely with our distributors and manufacturers to secure both the food and supplies needed to support our program, however, the availability of items has been changing on a daily basis.  THANK YOU for your patience and understanding. 

          Breakfast Prices
    Elementary  $       1.00
    Secondary  $       1.00
    Adult  $       1.65
    Reduced  $       0.30
                                               (In an event of a 3-hour delay, breakfast will NOT be served)

           Lunch Prices
    Elementary  $       2.40
    Secondary  $       2.70
    Adult  $       3.50
    Reduced  $       0.40
    *Milk  $       0.60
     Lunch Menus  
    Please note that, due to the pandemic, we are facing unprecedented issues with the supply chain 
    that may require us to make substitutions to the planned menu.  Thank you for your patience.















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