"All student athletes must travel to and from out-of-town competitions/events in transportation provided by the school district unless previous arrangements are made by the parents for an exceptional situation. Travel release forms are available in the Student Office. The parent must make prior arrangements with the Head Coach for approval 24 HOURS in advance of the trip. The student will be released to the parent by the Head Coach upon receiving the signed travel release form. At no time will the student be permitted to ride home with another student or non-parent."
    We are required to submit a travel roster prior to departure for every away event which lists the names of all students and coaches being transported to and from the event.  If a parent wishes for their child to ride home with them after an away event they must complete a Travel Release Form and submit it to the head coach at least 24 hours prior to the team leaving for the event.  
    Travel Release Forms will not be accepted on the day of the game.    
Last Modified on July 3, 2018