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    On the line provided, write True or False for each statement (10 points).



    1. _____ A student has to change clothes during every physical education class. 


    2. _____ Part of a student’s grade is being on task during class. 


    3. _____ Tank tops are allowed during class.


    4. _____ Locks may be left permanently on lockers throughout the school year.


    5. _____ Cell phones and technology devices should be left in hall locker.


    6. _____ Changing clothes and completing various assignments is optional.


    7. _____ Students may wear earrings.


    8. _____ Students are not excused from class unless they have a written

                     request from a doctor.


    9. _____ A student’s grade is based on preparation, participation, and

                     various other assignments.


    10. _____ Items of value that are lost or stolen will be replaced by the school. 



    Concerns/Comments/Questions for physical education class: