• Name __________________________________________                 Health (Mrs. Carra)


    Class Period ____________________________________                 Date _____________________________





    Write T for True or F for False on the line next to the question.


    1. ______    It is optional to bring your Health folder to class.

    2. ______    You will receive a progress report if you have a C or lower.

    3. ______    If you are absent, your assignment is due the next time you have Health class.

    4. ______    Grades are based on percentages.

    5. ______    Every assignment has a point value that is part of your total grade.

    6. ______    A late assignment is worth 50%.

    7. ______    A health folder, paper, and pencil should be brought to every class.

    8. ______    Daily points are added to the final grade if a student forgets their Health folder.

    9. ______    The teacher should not be e-mailed for help with Health class.

    10. ______    One way to get help in Health class is to ask a classmate.