Landform Project

Landform Project

  • The required landform list:


    desert                mountain             basin

    prairie                mesa                  river mouth           isthmus

    valley                canyon                sea level               dune

    plateau              island                  volcano                 peninsula

    oasis                 swamp                 harbor                  atoll

    steppe              marsh                  cape

    glacier               bay                     cataract

    cliff                   strait                   delta

    butte                 flood plain           archipelago



    This project can take any form approved in advance by Mrs. Kerr. Parents must sign the contract as well.

    It must demonstrate that the student knows what each landform is and can identify what each looks like.

    It can be turned in at any time before the due date and must be presented to the class when complete.

    Due date is May 8th, 2017.


    Possible types of projects include, but are not limited to:

    ABC book of landforms, pop-up book, poster, collage, diorama, sculptures, powerpoint, travel log,

    scrapbook, mural, video, computer game, board game, etc.