• Where can I find important things for class? 

    In my classroom, I frequently use Google Classroom to communicate with students through their school email, post assignments, create class announcements, and post links to important documents that students can use throughout a unit or the school year.  To access, you need your class code, given to you by me at the beginning of the school year.  To access the online Google Class homepage, click here.
    In English 9 we also have access to the textbook online.  You can access the online Pearson My Perspectives textbook by clicking here.  Students logins are their BASD usernames. Passwords were given at the start of the year, but I can reset them if you email me for help. You should have written this password and username onto your syllabus which is in the "important documents" section of your English binder. 
    If you are having trouble citing your sources, you can go to the Owl.Purdue Webpage and select "MLA." If you click here, you can view a video of how to navigate the Owl.Purdue page. This has an example MLA formatted paper, instructions and templates of how to create your citations by hand, and how to insert quotations and citations within your papers. You can also access online databases from our school library webpage. Watch this video to see how to access the online databases.
    If you would like, you can visit my class Google Site for additional resources related to English 9. It is updated periodically with pertinent information for students.
    If you have other questions about technology in my classroom, please feel free to talk to me before/after class, or you can send me an email, kbeury@basd.net.