• Directions and Tutorials

    The Blackboard site manager includes updated directions (click the "How do I...? tab) as well as videos demonstrating commonly used features. Here are some help cards for the most commonly used features. 
    • Content App Help Card - start here to learn the functions of the icons on the editor toolbar
    • Adding Pages - learn how to add pages, change layout, re-name pages, and re-order pages.

    Content Guidelines

    Web space on BASD.net servers is available to employees of the school district for use in the support of school related activities. All content should reflect this purpose. Teachers are encouraged to post homework assignments and other class information on a class web page. The following guidelines apply to both web pages hosted by BASD.net as defined above and web pages linked from BASD.net.
    • All content must be in compliance with the BASD.net acceptable use policy and all applicable copyright laws.
    • Users are solely responsible for all files contained in their own directory and can be held legally liable for the contents of their web site.
    • Web pages may not contain objectionable material or link to objectionable material.
    • Except in cases of public domain (events open to the public), photos of students may not include students whose parent or guardian has notified the school asking that photos of the student are not to be shared publicly.
    • Except in cases of public domain or when special recognition is desired, it is recommended that last names not be used for students under 13 years old.

    Accessibility Guidelines

    • Federal law (Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) requires that all content on websites of organizations which receive federal funding be accessible to individuals with disabilities
    • All content must be able to be read by screen reading software and apps
      • avoid using scanned pdf files (save files in pdf format instead of scanning)
      • include clear descriptions of images and links using alt text
    • Documents must use headings and section formatting
    • Navigation must be possible without a mouse (use tab and arrow keys)
    • Videos must include captions (YouTube will add captions that can be edited)
      • Text versions of audio files should be made available
    • When you login to Site Manager, you can view the accessibility report for your website through the Ally Accessibility Report
      • Click Overview to view more information and details
      • Ally Accessibility Report
    • To learn more, see How to improve content accessibility with Ally