• The Facilities Committee is tasked with addressing the strategic planning & implementation of deferred maintenance, repairs, and the construction of facilities within the district, including but not limited to:

    i. Investigate the need for a Master Facility Plan.

    ii. Identify the need for improvements to existing facilities.

    iii. Review the need, scope, and projected cost of requested projects.

    iv. Identify efficiencies that can be attained through;

    1. Policy

    2. Repairs

    3. Improvements

    4. New Construction

    v. Review and recommendation of deferred maintenance for approval of the board.

    vi. Investigate and review funding opportunities for needed projects.

    vii. Review and monitor ongoing projects for compliance with scope, schedule, and cost as needed.

    viii. Facilitate the need of ongoing projects to expedite needed changes.

    ix. Facilitate transparency of board decisions with respect to recommended projects.


    Member's of the committee are comprised of:

    Jon Guizar – Board Member – Committee Chair     

    Rob Pacella – Board Member – Committee Member

    Bill MacMath – Committee Member

    Ken Bean – Administration – Committee Member

    Aaron Barto – Administration – Committee Member