• CPI Half-Day Shadowing Application

    Students interested in shadowing a program at CPI for a half-day should complete the following steps:

    1) Email the instructor at CPI and request a shadowing day. 

    2) Complete the form below and return to Diane Roan in the attendance office AT LEAST 2 days prior to the proposed shadowing day

    3) Students must be in good academic/disciplinary standing in order to have permission to participate

    4) If all teacher signatures are not obtained, the student will not be permitted to participate

    5) All work due on the day of the shadowing experience should be turned in PRIOR to departure

    6) Students are responsible for any material they miss on the day of their shadowing experience. It is the student's responsibility to reach out to subject teachers to get information missed during the shadowing day. 

    7) BAHS reserves the right to deny a shadowing request if any of these criteria are not met

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