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    BASD Faculty/Staff Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I enter an absence in SAMS?
        *Click on Absence Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create an absence
        *Absences must be created before the absence is take & must be in SAMS by 6:45 am
         -If you miss the 6:45 am deadline, you must do the following:
          *Call Kelly Services at 1-866-535-5998
          *Email the following:
           -Jeffrey Baker, Substitute Coordinator, jbaker@basd.net
           -Heather Auman, Human Resources Coordinator, hauman@basd.net
           -Your designated administrative team
         *Please Note: SAMS and Employee Portal do NOT communicate in real time
           Absences are transferred weekly. Each Monday afternoon, absences from week prior are imported into portal
    2. What do I do if the district has a delay, dismissal or closing?
         *For Support Staff, click on Support Inclement Weather Guidelines
         *For Professional/Administrators, click on Prof/Admin Inclement Weather Guidelines
    3. How do hourly employees use the electronic timesheets?
       *For instructions on how to clock in and out as well as view your electronic timesheet, 
         click on Electronic Timesheet Instructions
    4. My name changed. How do I make the change with the district?
       *The following forms are required to update name changes in our systems:
         -Copy of marriage license or court document showing the name change
         -Copy of new social security card
         Professonal Staff - Teaching certificates must reflect your legal name
         Please send an update certificate to Human Resources
    5. I recently moved or plan to move. How do I notify the district?
        *Complete the Local Residency Form and send to Human Resources
         -This form updates PSERS, Payroll, Employee Portal and Capital Blue Cross
    6. I recently had a child or adopted a child. What do I need to update with the district?
       *For those with district health insurance, children are automatically added to the policy for the first 30 days 
         following the birth or the adoption date.
       *To permanently add to policy, complete a Capital Blue Enrollment/Change Form and send to Human Resources
    7. I need help with benefits or had an insurance claim denied. What do I do?
       *Contact Benefit Resource Center at 1-855-874-6699 to talk to an employee advocate
    8. Where can I find my Clearance Dates the district has on file?
       *Sign into your Employee Portal
       *Click on Employee Demographics
         -Employee clearances are good for (5) years
        -More information on clearances can be found here
    9. What is the current mileage rate?
        *$0.585 per mile through December 31, 2022
    10. What is the daily meal rate?
          *$40.00 per day
    11. Where do I find the reimbursement form and who do I submit it to?
          *Complete the Expense Report
          *Once complete, send the completed for to Accounts Payable at the Central Office
    12. How do I get reimbursed?
          *Reimbursement is done via ACH, same as paychecks
    13. How do I convert from a Level I Certification to a Level II Certification?
          *Click on Conversion to Levell II for step-by-step instructions on how to begin the Level II process

Last Modified on February 4, 2022