• BASD FACULTY/STAFF Frequently Asked Questions:
    1. How do I enter an absence in SAMS?
       Click on Frontline Quick Start Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create an absence. Absences must be created before the absence is taken and must be in SAMS by 6:45 AM. If you miss the 6:45 AM deadline, you must call 1-866-KELLY-98. Changes to absences already entered must be called in to 1-866-KELLY-98 or by emailing kesschedule@kellyservices.com.  
      Click on Absence Reason Guide for information regarding Absence Reason selection.
    **Please note - SAMS and Employee Portal do not communicate realtime. Absences are transferred weekly. Each Monday afternoon, the absences from the week prior are imported to Portal. To add a past absence, please email gking@basd.net. SAMS is not permitted to add past absences beyond the current week.
    ***FYI, BASD is under the JOHNSTOWN base area in the Kelly system. 
    2. How do hourly employees use the electronic timesheets? 
    Click on Time and Attendance Instructions for instructions on how to scan in and out as well as view your electronic timesheet. 
    3. I recently moved or plan to move. How do I notify the district?
       Complete the LOCAL RESIDENCY FORM and send to Payroll. This form updates PSERS, Payroll, Employee Portal and Capital Blue Cross.  
    4. My name changed. How do I make the change with the district?
        The following forms are required to update name changes in our system:
    • New W-4
    • Copy of the marriage license or court document showing the name change
    • Copy of new social security card
      Professional Staff - Teaching certificates must reflect your legal name. Please send an updated certificate to Human Resources. 
    5. I recently had a child or adopted a child. What do I need to update with the district?
       For those with district health insurance, children are automatically added to the policy for the first 30 days following the birth or the adoption date. To permanently add to your policy, complete a Capital Blue Enrollment/Change Form and send to Human Resources.  
    6. I need to make changes to my insurance coverage. How do I do that?
       For Medical, Rx, Vision and Dental, complete a Capital Blue Enrollment/Change Form with your changes. Additions and deletions are done via the same form. Be sure to select "Add" or "Remove" and enter the effective date in the upper right section of the form. If removal from coverage, be sure to note the reason for removal. Please send to Human Resources. 
       For Life Insurance, complete a new Life Beneficiary Change Form and send to Human Resources. This will replace the previous Beneficiary Form on file. 
       Register online with Capital Blue Cross and Express-Scripts to access your account history, temporary ID cards and more! Follow the links below and "Register Now":


    7. I had an insurance claim denied. What do I do?
    Contact the Benefit Resource Center at 1-855-874-6699 or BRCEast@usi.com to be connected with an employee advocate.
    8. Where can I find my Clearance Dates the district has on file?
       Sign into Employee Portal. Click on Employee Demographics. Clearance dates are shown to the right under your residency information. Employee clearances are good for five (5) years. 
    9. What is the mileage rate? 
       $0.545 per mile through December 31, 2018. For travel within the district, please see Mileage Chart
    10. What are the daily meal rates?
       $35.00 per day.
    11. How do I get reimbursed?
       Reimbursement is done via ACH, same as paychecks. 
    12. Where do I find the form and who do I submit it to? 
       Monthly Expenditure Report. Pura Spigelmyer x3012 at Central Office.
    13. How do I convert from a Level I Certification to a Level II Certification?
       Click on Conversion to Level II for step-by-step instructions on how to begin the Level II process. 
    14. How do I contact PSERS?
Last Modified on November 1, 2018