• ERS Winners March 2016
     District employees recognized at the March 22, 2016 board meeting 
    Front row insert (left to right): Tammie King, Amy Stedman
    Front row sitting (left to right): Jamie Beard, Kristen Crunick, Nancy Schaeffer, Rebecca Hitchings, Amy McAndrew
    Standing (left to right): Kerry Jodon, Larry Fry, Patrick McDermott, Evelyn Reeder, Jessica Baughman, Gabrielle King 
     Employee Recognition System

    Saluting Every BASD Employee
    Courteous – Caring – Considerate – Cooperative
    Helpful - Service Beyond Expectations – Accommodating

     Bellefonte Area School District

    The Bellefonte Area School District appreciates each employee for contributing to the success of our students.  An Employee Recognition System was created to provide an opportunity to recognize employees. The Board of School Directors congratulated the following recipients of the Employee Recognition System award at the March 22, 2016, Regular Board Meeting.  Employees were nominated by their coworkers in their respective district buildings. 

    Excerpts of coworkers’ nomination comments included: “…is an absolutely phenomenal teacher and tutor, as well as a wonderful person… working with her is a pleasure.  She always wants to help and if she cannot answer your question, she will find the answer… is a responsible, caring teacher who dedicates countless hours outside of school for his students and colleagues…always with a smile, she was very courteous, considerate, and accommodating of others… learning is made dynamic and students are inspired through her excitement…she exhibits professionalism in all that she does and demonstrates true care and concern for all who enter the kitchen and cafeteria… is constantly looking for new ideas that will help her students enjoy learning…has a warm and welcoming demeanor that soothes students most in need…her work ethic is a valuable asset to the students… is an excellent teacher who truly cares about his students and has a wonderful way of making them feel special… is a dedicated employee who had served many students during her tenure with the District…she goes above and beyond her duties to help out wherever she is needed and does so with a smile on her face… is creative and innovative in developing activities and programs to support students and assist staff members.”


    Professional Staff Recipients:

    Jessica Baughman        Bellefonte Area High School

    Larry Fry               Bellefonte Area Middle School

    Rebecca Hitchings       Bellefonte Elementary School

    Jamie Beard             Benner Elementary School

    Kerry Jodon             Marion-Walker Elementary School

    Patrick McDermott       Pleasant Gap Elementary School

    Support Staff Recipients:

    Evelyn Reeder           Bellefonte Area High School

    Tammie King             Bellefonte Area Middle School

    Amy Stedman             Bellefonte Elementary School

    Kristen Crunick         Benner Elementary School
    Nancy Schaeffer         Marion-Walker Elementary School
    Amy McAndrew            Pleasant Gap Elementary School
    Gabrielle King          Bellefonte Area School District


Last Modified on April 5, 2016