• All of my animals are available for students to bring home for the weekend or vacation.
    If you are interested:
    1. Send a note in with your child giving them permission to take home an animal.  The note is good for the year.
    2. Give Ms. Crisan  an animal name and date that you were thinking of so she can put it on the calendar.
    3. Make arrangements for someone to pick up the animal before 3:30 on Friday and return the animal Monday.
        The animals are not allowed to ride the bus and the cage can get heavy if you are walking home.
    4. If you want me to send along a mouse (frozen) for you to feed the snake, let me know.
    ps- all of my snakes are non-venomous constrictors. 
    I will be adding pictures of the animals below.... Enjoy.
    Copper, Amelanistic Albino Corn Snake
    Copper, new addition to the classroom
    Hexus- A california King Snake- RIP... she died from a Kidney tumor on June 29, 2017
    Kate- a Black-hooded Dumbo-eared Rat (baby picture)  RIP Sept. 10, 2017
    Kate.  RIP Sept. 10, 2017
    Corney- a Red-phase Corn Snake- RIP.  Corney died 1/13/16 due to a broken back.
    Cob- a Corn Snake
    Cob in a log
    Cob camouflaged
    Niblet- a Corn Snake
    Kevin- a Pueblan Milk Snake...he mimics the poisonous Coral Snake 
    Zippy- a California King Snake 
    Henry, A Ball Python
    Henry, a Ball Python
    Ashley, a dumbo eared black rat
    Ashley, a dumbo eared black female rat