Field Trip Requests

  • Field trips are requested through our Transportation system called InfoFinder LE.   If you are a new "requestor" and have not used this system, you will need to email the Transportation office,, and request a sign on and password.   Please note, this system is only available when you are in District Buildings- it is not web based.

    When requesting a field trip:

    1.  The trip must be entered 15 school days prior to the trip.
    2.  You need to select the account number that the trip will be paid out of.
    3.  If the trip is over 50 miles away, you MUST submit a copy of your instructional plan.  This is needed as the trip is required to be approved by the School Board.
    4.  A copy of the roster needs to be filed with the transportation office at least 1 week before the trip.  Teachers are required to have an updated PAPER copy with them the day of the trip. 

     InfoFinder Field Trip Requests

     InfoFinder Field Trip Manual