• Bellefonte Area School District is a member of the PIAA (Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association).  The sports that are school-sponsored are for Junior (7th-9th grades) and High (10th-12th grades) High School aged student-athletesPlease refer to the chart below for sponsored sports/clubs and their grade level.
    Season Boys' Girls'
    Sport Grades Sport Grades
    Fall Cross Country 7-12th Cheerleading 7-12th
    Football 7-12th Cross Country 7-12th
    Golf 9-12th Golf 9-12th
    Soccer 7-12th Soccer 7-12th
        Volleyball 7-12th
    Winter Basketball 7-12th Basketball 7-12th
    Swimming 9-12th Cheerleading 7-12th
    Wrestling 7-12th Gymnastics 9-12th
        Swimming 9-12th
    Spring Baseball 9-12th Softball 7-12th
    Lacrosse 9-12th Lacrosse 9-12th
    Track and Field 7-12th Track and Field 7-12th
    Winter Bowling 9-12th Bowling 9-12th
    Spring Baseball 7-8th    
    Spring Lacrosse 6-8th Lacrosse 6-8th
    A physical examination is required by PIAA for an athlete to be eligible to participate in an interscholastic sport.  The physical must be completed after June 1st for fall sports participation and will be effective, regardless of when it is performed during the school year until, the next May 31st.
    For Winter and Spring Sports: A reexamination or re-certification is required for each subsequent sports season if the student (a) suffers an illness or injury which renders the student unable to participate in 25% or more of the Regular Season Contests in the immediately preceding sports season; and/or (b) suffers an illness or injury which resulted in absence from school for ten (10) or more days and/or which requires surgery.

    PLANETHS (Student Central) - SPRING 2023 Sports Physical Directions and Help Sheet 

    Physical Form (must be signed and dated by a physician)
    Section 6 (Health History)  (a paper copy may be needed during the physical for the doctors review - this will also have to be completed electronically in planeths. To eliminate duplication, you could fill out electronically and print to take to doctors.)

    Use this link and follow the directions PlanetHS help sheet to set up your account.  All student-athletes will register for the Bellefonte Area High School.  


    NOTE:  First day of Spring Sports is set for Monday, March 6th.  If interested in playing a spring sport, please register and submit your physical to planeths. To ensure participation on the first day, all registrations are due the week before the season starts -  Monday, February 27th.


    • Use your BASD email and school password to create an account. This ensures that the Athletic Office can help you if you forget your password.

      Make sure you send a link invite to your parents. This can be a phone number or email. Email is an easier route to go. 


    Spring Athletes: 

    • Need to complete section 1,2,3,4,5, 6 and 7 on PlanetHS

    • Sections 1,2,3, 4 and 5 will say complete once you fill in the information.

    • Section 6 will say "Pending Staff" once you fill in the information. When the Athletic Training Staff approves section 6 it will say complete.

    • Section 7 will say Pending Staff Approval once you upload the signed completed form from the doctor's office. When the Athletic Training Staff approves section 7 it will say complete.

    •  Continue and complete the demo, emergency (*), risk, injury, and return to play forms.

    •   *Consent for Emergency Form: When entering the end date under "if the student is covered by insurance", make sure you enter a date that is after the season your student plans to participate in. 

      *If you lose your place or get lost in the forms, all you need to do is go back and select a form, click on the Athletic Forms and scroll to the bottom of the page. Links and status of all of the forms are located there. They do not need to be completed in order.


    • REPEAT ATHLETES: Those that participated in a Fall and/or 2022-2023 sport, you must register for Spring by completing Section 8: Re-certification by Parent/Guardian (Spring)

      NOTE:  You only have to fill out Section 9 if you were injured in the previous season and have not yet been cleared by a doctor.