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                                               In-School Suspension (ISS) Contract


    Date: _____________

    This contract is between _____________________________ and the Bellefonte Area Middle School beginning _______________________.

    Every student has the right to learn by law. When students choose to misbehave, they disrupt the learning environment, and as a result, deny other students their right to learn. In order to obey the law and preserve the learning environment and rights of the students who choose to behave and want to learn, teachers are required to report all misbehavior to the principals. At a certain point, principals are then required to meet with the misbehaving students who break the school rules, and assign a punishment.



    The following information is provided for your guidance while you are assigned to ISS. Read these rules and procedures very carefully. No exceptions to these rules or procedures will be made.

    1. All Student Handbook procedures will be followed at all times.

    2. Students report to their scheduled homeroom for attendance. They then report immediately to the ISS, room 701.  Students are to bring all textbooks, library books, and needed supplies with them.

    3. Students must complete the ISS Reflection by the end of the scheduled ISS stay.

    4. Communication with AEP students, Safety Net students, or other ISS students is not permitted.

    5. Remain in your seat at all times, except for restroom breaks or when you have permission.  Abuse of lavatory privileges may result in loss of that privilege, and additional punishment. 

    6. Students are to complete all assigned work. Student name, class period and teacher name must be on each assignment. Completed assignments are to be placed in the collection bin.  Additional ISS assignments may include one or more of the following: questionnaires, essays, worksheets, and apology letters.  

    7. Computers may be used for school assignments only.  Personal electronic devices (cell phones, tablets, etc.) are prohibited in ISS.  Violation will result in the device being confiscated.

    8. Keep your desk and immediate area clean and orderly at all times. Do not write on the desk or cubicle area. This will be deemed as vandalism.

    9. You may seek help from the ISS teacher at any time by raising your hand and waiting for the teacher to recognize you.

    10. Lunch will be held in the lunch detention room. There is to be no communication with other students when walking to and from the cafeteria.

    11. Students must bring a library book, novel, or other reading material each day. When you have completed all assignments, you may read.

    12. Absences, including early dismissals or school cancellations, during your assigned ISS days will require make-up day(s) upon your return to school.

    13. While assigned to ISS, you are suspended from all school privileges and extracurricular events such as assemblies, sporting events, clubs, and dances. At 3:15 PM, you must leave the school grounds immediately.



    Misbehavior in the ISS will NOT be tolerated. If warnings for misbehavior are issued, and the student continues to misbehave, the ISS teacher will inform school administration and a call home will be made to report the misbehavior to the student’s parents or guardians. The student may receive additional writing assignments or academic work from the ISS teacher, which the student will be required to complete.

    In addition, repeat offenders who often get assigned ISS may receive harsher punishments, and may possibly have to attend intervention meetings which will consist of the student, his/her parents or guardians, the student’s team teachers, the ISS teacher, the principals, guidance counselors, and the school psychologist.



    I have reviewed the Bellefonte Area Middle School ISS Contract with my student and understand failure to comply with any of the aforementioned items will result in further disciplinary actions.


    Student Signature ______________________________________ Date___________________


    Revised (8/28/19)