Syllabus 20/221 school year


    Life  Skill Support Classroom at the Bellefonte Middle School .


    Looks at pictures/letters: 1.1.3.A  learning to read independently

    Matches color/pictures: 1.1.3.C  learning to read independently

    Reads words related to food/cooking 1.1.3.C Learning to read independently

    Points to pictures of story elements with assistance  1.1.3.G  Learning to read independently

    Observes the association of numbers and objects: 2.1.3.A  Numbers, number systems, and number relationships

    Counts numbers to 10  2.1.3.G  Counts numbers to 10

    Reads digital clock time  2.3.3.D   Measurement and estimation

    To the minute     2.3.3.D   Measurement and estimation

    Identifies money  2.1.3.E  Numbers, number systems, and number relationships

    Science: RI.2.3, RI.2.1, RI.2.10  environment and personal health

    Social Studies: RI.2.2, RI.2.7, RI.2.10   time, continuity, and change


    Interpersonal Communication and Social Skills:

    Demonstrates an involuntarily response to sensory stimuli  1.6.3.A (Speaking and Listening)

    Attends to people in the environment  1.6.3.A (Speaking and listening)

    Responds to name/basic language concept  1.6.3.E (Speaking and listening)

    Responds to “wh” questions    1.6.3.A (Speaking and Listening)

    the uses of Google classroom


    Daily Living skills;

     Travels in the community: 10.3.3.A

    Eats in a sit-down restaurant  10.1.3.C   Concepts of health

    Indicates need to use bathroom 10.1.3.B  Concepts of health Vocational Skills:

     Performs Basic Repetitive Task 11.2.2.B

    Follows directions of teacher/supervisor 11.2.6.B

    Measures and pours dry/liquid ingredients 11.3.3.F

    Sorts materials 13.2.3.G

    Participates in shopping 11.1.3.F

    Stores food after shopping 11.1.3.F

    The use of computers


    Communication Skills: Communicates meaningfully using icons, device, and/or words   1.6.3.E  Speaking and listening

    Responds appropriately to yes/no questions  1.6.3.A  Speaking and listening

    Language Arts: Guided reading, reading comprehension

    Number Worlds;

    Math: time, money skills,

    Physical Therapy: to improve Range of Motion

    Occupational Therapy:  fine motor skills and Improve Range of Motion


    I teach to each student’s IEP, the student’s goals are my main concerns when teaching. Grading is done with progress motoring, progress reports are sent home every 9 weeks. If progress is not being made and IEP revision meeting is scheduled. 



    My philosophy of teaching is:

    • The parents/guardians are the most important people in each student’s life
    • Every student is capable of learning
    • I teach for success- not failure.
    • I seek solution- not punishment.


    See lesson plans that address the PA Standards.


    Teacher Contact Information: Jeff Rager 1-814-355-5466 (ect 5415)

    Email : jrager@basd.net



        Looking forward to a great school year.