• Transcript Requests 
     Current Students - If you need a transcript mailed to a school, complete a transcript request form and bring it to the Guidance Office with a stamped/addressed envelope to mail to the school.  *Do NOT put your return address on the envelope.*  You will need separate forms and envelopes for each transcript to be sent.
    If you only need an unofficial copy for yourself, just ask one of the secretaries or counselors in the office to print you one.
    Current students do not need to include the $3 fee. 
     Graduated Students - Please complete and submit the form below:
    If you are a graduate of the Bellefonte Area High School and would like a transcript mailed to a school, an employer, the military or to you, please complete the attached form and either mail it to or drop it off at the High School Counseling Office . 
    There will be a $3.00 transcript fee that should accompany your request.  If you are requesting more than one transcript be sent at the same time, there will be an additional fee of $1.00 per transcript. 
    Please make checks payable to the Bellefonte Area School District.
    *Please note, we have up to 48 hours to process your request*