• Graduating Senior Student Accounts and Transfer Student Accounts:

    In order to process accurate refunds for graduating seniors and transferring students, if participating in the automatic deposit with the school cafe program, please deactivate the auto function on school cafe's website-  for graduates by May of the graduating year, for transfer students the same month as transferring. Please direct all school cafe questions to their customer service number 1-855-729-2328. 

    Graduating Senior Student Accounts:

    At the end of the school year, graduating seniors with funds remaining in their individual student meal account monies will be:

    Transferred to an enrolled sibling within the district and student/parent/guardian notified.

    Refunds for remaining senior funds are as follows:

    Accounts with less than $10.00 remaining are refunded directly to the student at school with their graduation diploma.

    Accounts with $10.00 or more are refunded by a district check and mailed to the parent/guardian of the student.


    Transfer Students Who Moved Out Of The District:

    The remaining funds in the student account are refunded by district check and mailed to the parent/guardian at the address provided by the parent/guardian.