• Payroll
    Payroll Forms:
    W-4 2022 - Use if changing filing status from Single, Married filing single/jointly or Head of Household. 

    Direct Deposit Form
     - Use if changing the bank account for Payroll deposits. This form must be hand-delivered to the payroll office.

    Change of Address Form
     (Local Residency Form)- This form will update PSERS, Capital Blue Cross, Employee Portal and Payroll. Complete and send to Payroll in the Central Office. 
    For information regarding any of the payroll forms please contact Payroll at ext. 3013.
    Reimbursement Forms:

    Mileage Chart
     - This chart is used to calculate mileage within the district buildings. 
    Mileage Report - (Google Sheet) - This report is used when requesting expense reimbursement. 

    For information regarding mileage and expenses, please contact Accounts Payable at ext. 3012. 

    2022 403(b) Plan Notification Notice Optional retirement plan in conjunction with an investment provider. 
Last Modified on May 4, 2022