Staff Forms

    Leave of Absence Forms:
     *Sick to Personal
     *Personal Leave 
     *Short-term Leave
     *Uncompensated Leave
     *FMLA Leave (Information on how to obtain)

    Payroll Forms:
     *Change of Address
     *Direct Deposit
     *Current Year W-4
     *Mileage Chart
     *Mileage Report
     *Expense Report
    Insurance Forms:
     *Capital Blue Cross Enrollment/Change
     *Medical Claim
     *Vision Claim
     *Dental Claim
     *Life Insurance Enrollment/Change
     *Prescription Claim
     *Prescription Mail Order
    Employee Injury Report:
     *Employee Accident Report
     *Timesheets-Support Staff
     *Timesheets-Professional Staff
    Request for Salary Column Change Form:
    *Refer to Collective Bargaining Agreement





Last Modified on June 17, 2021