• June 2015 Winners
    District employees recognized at the June 9, 2015 board meeting 
    Front row (left to right): Jennifer Kerr, Dana Showers, Amy Wilson, Tara Condit, Michelle Blair
    Standing (left to right): Rita Purnell, Carrie Lee, Susan Straley, Bethany Eicholtz, Christopher Freidhoff, Gina Feather
    Loudon "Albert" Kyle, Bryan Buchanan
     Employee Recognition System

    Saluting Every BASD Employee
    Courteous – Caring – Considerate – Cooperative
    Helpful - Service Beyond Expectations – Accommodating

     Bellefonte Area School District

    The Bellefonte Area School District appreciates each employee for contributing to the success of our students.  An Employee Recognition System was created to provide an opportunity to recognize employees. The Board of School Directors congratulated the following recipients of the Employee Recognition System award at the June 9, 2015, Regular Board Meeting.  Employees were nominated by their coworkers in their respective district buildings. 

    Excerpts of coworkers’ nomination comments included: “…is high energy, motivated to help students and keeps the students’ best interests at the forefront of his approach daily.…is extremely passionate about teaching… is a dedicated teacher who pours her heart and soul into advancing her students both academically and personally… experience, leadership, and wisdom have benefitted students, parents, and staff members… helps the school students and staff in countless ways… is extremely thoughtful and caring in her actions and words…you can just tell that she loves her job because she comes to work every day with the mission of making a difference to the students… dedication to her job is evident…  she is accommodating and will do what is needed to assist students… she is such a positive person to work with…his positive attitude is contagious… anytime he is asked to do something additional, he replies, “I can take care of that”…is great to work with and great around the students.”


    Professional Staff Recipients:

    Christopher Freidhoff   Bellefonte Area High School

    Jennifer Kerr           Bellefonte Area Middle School

    Amy Wilson              Bellefonte Elementary School

    Susan Straley           Benner Elementary School

    Michelle Blair          Marion-Walker Elementary School

    Tara Condit             Pleasant Gap Elementary School

    Support Staff Recipients:

    Carrie Lee              Bellefonte Area High School

    Rita Purnell            Bellefonte Area Middle School

    Gina Feather            Bellefonte Elementary School

    Bethany Eicholtz        Benner Elementary School

    Byran Buchanan          Marion-Walker Elementary School
    Dana Showers            Pleasant Gap Elementary School
    Loudon "Albert" Kyle    Bellefonte Area School District


Last Modified on November 24, 2015