• Jon Guizar
    Jon Guizar is a Pennsylvania native and moved to the Bellefonte Area School District in 2003.
    Jon was appointed to the board in 2016 and is currently employed as a senior level project manager and construction estimator for Nestlerode Contracting Company. He has constructed many bridges in the Centre Region over the past 17 years as a superintendent and surveyor. Jon has also had a successful career as a professional pilot and flight instructor. He has held the position of corporate pilot for 2 companies in the area for more than 27 years He is also a flight instructor and has taught many students to fly planes and earn their private and commercial pilot licenses.
    Professional development during his career in aviation and construction has led to numerous certifications and licenses including aircraft mechanic, structural steel & pipe welder, flight instructor, PA licensed large crane operator, and more.
    Jon is a graduate of the Civil and Environmental Engineering program at Penn State where he also met his wife Leah. Leah teaches Spanish and Music in the State College area. Jon and Leah have 3 children; Eden, Caden, and Vivian all attending Bellefonte Elementary.
    Jon currently serves on two other boards for non-profit organizations in the area and enjoys volunteering for TSA events and is a former Bellefonte soccer coach.
    As a school board member, Jon is excited about the changing technology available to students, teachers, and parents. He also hopes to offer valued input toward fostering a school environment that instills life-long learning in our kids, young adults, and teachers.