• Bellefonte Area School District

    Bring Your Own Device

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What are the benefits of a BYOD program?

    A: Allowing the use of personally owned devices at school provides easier access to online instructional resources. It also promotes a smooth transition between home and school.

    Q: I am required to buy a device for my child to use at school?

    A: No. Participation in the BYOD program is voluntary. Students who choose not to bring a device from home will have access to district owned devices at school.

    Q: What devices can be used as part of the BYOD program?

    A: Laptops (Windows, Mac, Google), tablet computers, newer iPads, and cell phones may be used.

    Q: Will student devices be protected by the district’s internet content filter?

    A: Connecting to the BASD Guest wifi network will provide internet content filtering. Access through cellular networks does not provide content filtering. Students are not permitted to connect using a personal cellular provider or bypass the district content filter.

    Q: What happens if a device is damaged, lost, or stolen?

    A: Students should take steps to protect and safeguard personally owned devices. Bellefonte Area School District is not responsible for damage, loss, theft, or misuse of personally owned devices as explained in Policy 237 Electronic Devices.

    Q: What should I do if my device will not connect or is not operating properly?

    A: The district wifi network is optimized for connecting with Chromebooks. The ability to connect will vary with other devices depending on the age of the device and the ability of the device to receive a strong signal. BASD will not service or repair personally owned devices.