The Bellefonte Elementary PTO would like to welcome you back to school! We are excited about what we have planned for our school community this year – and we hope we can rely on your support as we work to serve our students, staff, and school families.

    Due to a great success last year-and back by popular demand-we are once again having our 

    Bellefonte Elementary PTO VIP Program!

    In an effort to seek your support for the important things we do while making it easy for you to contribute and move on “guilt free”, we are offering the PTO VIP Program. Simply put: you give us a flat donation now, and you enjoy the rest of the school year without the guilt of having to participate in fundraisers – plus, you enjoy VIP benefits-including an honorary membership in the PTO! (Of course, you could still participate in our other fundraisers if you really want to!) 

    Gold Level VIP – Donation of $60 or more (we’ll take however much you’d like to give!) 

     50 extra tickets at our Winter Carnival

     Special VIP bowling time at our family bowling event

     VIP seating at the school Christmas concert!!!!!!!!!!!!

     When those “other” fundraiser forms come home in your child’s backpack, you can toss them in the recycling bin and not feel guilty about it one bit! (And then you can focus on the fundraisers for soccer, gymnastics, scouts, etc.) 


    Silver Level VIP – Donation of $40

     40 extra tickets at our Winter Carnival

     Invitation to the extra VIP bowling hour at our family bowling event

     Your co-workers won’t have to hide when they see you coming because you won’t have to ask them to buy stuff from your kid’s fundraiser...again


    Bronze Level VIP – Donation of $25

     25 extra tickets at our Winter Carnival

     No worries about having to bug your extended family members to order stuff from your child’s fundraisers at the next family get-together


    This year we as a PTO need to raise $10,000 to support the following events/causes:

     Field Trips for all grades 

     Family Fun Nights (Ice Cream Social, Winter Carnival, Family Bowling)

     Teacher Reimbursements (for supplies, materials for special projects, student incentives, classroom enhancements, etc.)

     Lip Sync

     Snacks during the PSSA’s

     Custodial fees incurred during PTO-sponsored events

     Teacher Appreciation Week festivities

    So, come on – become a PTO VIP, and enjoy this school year “guilt free”!!! 

    Click on the link below to view the PTO VIP Program enrollment form.

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