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    Message From the NCAA Eligibility Center July 2020 -

    E-learning, Distance and Hybrid Coursework Update

    In an effort to provide clarity to students and parents making decisions regarding the 2020-2021 academic year, the NCAA Eligibility Center is providing additional guidance regarding distance, e-learning or hybrid options made available by schools with NCAA-approved core courses. The Eligibility Center will continue to monitor the environment and make determinations on extension of other COVID-19 relief policies as more information becomes available.


    For upcoming 9th grade students developing course schedule requests, if you are a potential NCAA college bound student-athlete, and have an interest in attending CPI, we encourage you to delay starting CPI until your 10th grade year at the earliest.  For NCAA eligibility purposes, it is our recommendation that you should take a full day of classes at BAHS as a 9th grader and include a world language (Spanish, French, or Chinese) as one of your elective choices.  You can then begin CPI as a 10th grade student. 

    2020-21 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

    Learn About the NCAA Three Divisions: 


    NCAA Registration Timeline for Division I and Division II:


    For Early Academic Qualifiers Requirements (D1 EAQ requirements met after six semesters) click here.

    To Learn About NCAA Core Courses go here.

    BAHS CEEB/ACT Code is 390225

    To complete your NCAA registration and help you become a qualifier -- 

    1) Meet with your grade level school counselor to develop a plan to be sure your schedule of courses is on track for you to be a qualifier.

    2) Have your ACT/SAT test scores sent directly to the NCAA. They will not accept them from the school. If you are testing again this year, send your scores to code 9999. If you are not testing again this year, login to your Collegeboard or ACT account and have score reports sent to that code.  

    3) Follow the NCAA suggested timeline so you know when to register for an account with the NCAA. 

    NCAA Registration Timeline for Division I and Division II:


    4) Go to the NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete to register and follow all instructions. Contact your grade level school counselor if you may be eligible for a registration fee waiver.

    NCAA 2020-21 Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete:


    5) If you need a copy of your transcript send your grade level school counselor an email request. They can send you an individual email with a PDF of your transcript so you can use it in this process. 

    6) Check your transcript against all of the BAHS NCAA approved courses to be sure your core courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language are approved. If you see a discrepancy contact your counselor as soon as possible. Some BAHS science courses are not NCAA approved, for example Environment and Ecology, Current Science Trends, and Sustainability are not NCAA approved core courses. 

    To search the BAHS List of NCAA approved Courses use CEEB/ACT Code 390225 go here.   

    For NCAA Division I and Division II Eligibility --

    Students must successfully complete 16 NCCA approved core courses, with grades as high as possible. Qualifying NCAA core courses include NCAA approved English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and World Language courses only. Before the start of their seventh semester, students must complete 10 of the 16 core courses, including 7 in English, math or natural/physical science.

    • Students must complete 4 years of English.
    • Environment & Ecology is NOT an NCAA approved science course. 
    • The half credit science courses, for example Current Science Trends, Science Ethics, and Sustainability, are NOT NCAA approved.
    • NCAA considers Common Core Alg 1 (Part 1) and Common Core Alg (Part 2) as .5 credit courses even though BAHS assigns a full credit (1.00) for each.
    • The NCAA considers Common Core Alg 1 as 1.0 credit. 
    • The NCAA does NOT recognize Summer Enrichment courses in Math, English, Social Studies, Science and World Language as being NCAA compliant.  
    • The NCAA does NOT recognize Summer School recovery courses.
    • Transfer students, in addition to your BAHS transcript being sent to the NCAA, you must also have the school(s) you transferred from send your transcript(s) to NCAA. When calculating your NCAA core course gpa, transfer students should check each core course from their transferred schools' approved NCAA list(s) of courses, as well as their grading scale(s), for each core course taken. Again, transfer students must have a transcript from each institution they attended sent to NCAA by each institution.

    Special Note: CPI Math and CPI Social Studies are not NCAA approved as core courses.

    7) To make sure you are on track to be a qualifier, use the worksheet in the Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete (CBSA) to determine your NCAA Core Course credits grade point average. This will be your NCAA Core Course GPA.

    How to Calculate Core Course GPA:


    NCAA Core Course Planning Work Sheets, Division I and Division II:


    8) Use the Core Course GPA calculated on your worksheet to see if your current best ACT/SAT matching score is sufficient. If not, or if it's close, strongly consider signing up for additional ACT/SAT exams. Your core course GPA could go up or down. There is no downside to retesting. The NCAA will use your best combined exam scores. If you score lower on the next exam, the NCAA will just use your previous scores.

    NCAA Test Score Information:

          Division I Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet: http://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/2018DIEC_Requirements_Fact_Sheet_20180117.pdf

          Division II Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet:  http://www.ncaa.org/sites/default/files/2018DIIEC_Requirements_Fact_Sheet_20180117.pdf

    Remember -- Stay on track by completing your Division I or Division II Planning Worksheet, keep your grades as high as possible, and check your matching ACT/SAT scores.

    9) Before the end of your senior year, request the Final Amateurism Certification for each sport that you will participate in by logging back into your NCCA account. If you are enrolling at a Division I or II school for the fall semester directly after high school, you may request an amateurism certification decision from the NCAA Eligibility Center on or after April 1 before your enrollment in college. For further information on NCAA Amateurism go to: http://www.ncaa.org/student-athletes/future/amateurism.

    10) Ask your grade level school counselor to upload your final official transcript with proof of graduation to the NCAA Eligibility Center. 


    Here are some helpful NCAA Eligibility links --

    NCAA Creating an account information:


    NCAA Initial Eligibility Quick Referecne Sheets: 

           Diviison I Academic Requirements -- http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/eligibility_center/Student_Resources/DI_ReqsFactSheet.pdf

           Division II Academic Requirements -- http://fs.ncaa.org/Docs/eligibility_center/Student_Resources/DII_ReqsFactSheet.pdf

    NCAA Checklist:


    NCAA Eligibility Timeline:


    NCAA Academic Requirements:

    Search the BAHS List of NCAA Approved Courses, use CEEB/ACT Code 390225: 


    NCAA Test Score Information:


    How to Calculate Core GPA:


    NCAA Core Course Planning Work Sheets, Division I and Division II:


    NCAA Education-Impacting Disabilities Information:


    NCAA Eligibility Center Contact Information: