• Google calendars provide an easy way to organize events, send meeting invitations, and display events from multiple calendars on one calendar.
    Possible Uses for Google Calendars
    • Personal To-Do List
    • Assignment Calendar
    • Special Activities (district, school, grade level)
    • Athletic Events (school or personal)
    • Track units, lessons, standards
    • Overlay events from multiple calendars (personal vs. work)
    • Share calendar events
    • Send invitations for events
    • Email and/or pop-up reminders
    • Embed in Schoolwires web pages with automatic updates
    Directions & Tutorials
    G Suite Training for Google Apps - install this extension to access helpful tutorials and videos for using Google Calendar
    Calendar in the Classroom - directions and tutorials from the Google for Education Training Center
    Google Calendar Overview
    How to Create an Event and Invite Guests
    How to Create a Class Calendar
    Adding Events to a Shared Calendar (Be sure to select the shared calendar, not your calendar when you create the event.)
    Adding Other Calendars Including Holidays, Sports and Birthdays
    Creating Multiple Calendars for Multiple Classes and Embedding them into a Schoolwires Webpage (Advanced)