• BASD ERS May 2014  
    District employees recognized at the May 27, 2014 board meeting 
    Front row (left to right): (Insert - Lynn Pensak) Amy Faulkner, Brenna Estel, Pamela Grimminger Renee Clouse
    Back row (left to right): Eric Cyone, Christopher Cipro, James Leigey, Jeffrey Rager, Amy Allison, Prestie Headings, Jessica Lloyd
     Employee Recognition System

    Saluting Every BASD Employee
    Courteous – Caring – Considerate – Cooperative
    Helpful - Service Beyond Expectations – Accommodating

     Bellefonte Area School District

    The Bellefonte Area School District appreciates each employee for contributing to the success of our students.  An Employee Recognition System was created to provide an opportunity to recognize employees. The Board of School Directors congratulated the following recipients of the Employee Recognition System award at the May 27, 2014, Regular Board Meeting.  Employees were nominated by their coworkers in their respective district buildings. 

    Excerpts of coworkers’ nomination comments included: "...passion and dedication help make her an exceptional employee..... treats others with respect and kindness each work day .... very considerate, cooperative, helpful, and accommodating .... a highly energetic, positive educator .... is a great person who truly puts others before himself .... continues to set the standard for caring teachers in the district .... is patient, kind, and treats all students with respect .... is a role model for everyone with her positive, upbeat attitude .... reliable and dependable .... has made positive connections with parents and students .... is amazing with the students she works will as well as staff .... provides an uplifting personality to the school making her of crucial value .... goes out of his way to help anyone even with the smallest task.”



    Professional Staff Recipients:

    Jessica Lloyd           Bellefonte Area High School

    Jeffrey Rager           Bellefonte Area Middle School

    Brenna Estel            Bellefonte Elementary School

    Eric Cyone              Benner Elementary School

    Christopher Cipro       Marion-Walker Elementary School

    Pamela Grimminger       Pleasant Gap Elementary School

    Support Staff Recipients:

    Prestie Headings        Bellefonte Area High School

    Lynn Pensak             Bellefonte Area Middle School

    Angel McClure           Bellefonte Elementary School

    Renee Clouse            Benner Elementary School

    Amy Faulkner            Marion-Walker Elementary School

    Amy Allison             Pleasant Gap Elementary School

    James Leigey            Bellefonte Area School District


Last Modified on June 16, 2014