AP (Advanced Placement) Exam Schedule Information

    2020-2021 School Year

    The 2021 AP Exam schedule has been updated by the CollegeBoard to provide testing options to meet this school year's unique circumstances. Due to concerns with lost instruction time from remote days and snow days, we will be testing the AP exams in the AP Programs Administration 2​ exam schedule. With Administration 2, half of the ​AP ​subjects are full-length paper and pencil, administered in school, and ​the other ​half are full-length digital​ exams. Students will take their digital exams at home

    ​Students must sign-in to their digital exams 30 minutes before the start time of their exams. If they miss signing in and completing pre-exam tasks they will not be able to take the exam that day. They will have the opportunity to test in the next administration window. ​The 2021 Digital Exams are full length exams, approximately three hours in length. Students should plan accordingly. 

    Please go here for information about the 2020-21 AP exam schedule, then View the Exam Schedule for Administration 2.


    Senior events are being examined in light of this new AP schedule.

    AP Exam students  must use a personal email for their CollegeBoard account. The CollegeBoard cannot send your AP exam information to your school email address or an incorrect email address. Check your CollegeBoard account email address now!! 

    More information about the AP Exams Spring of 2021 will be released in April 2021. 

    For the time being, please go here for more information about Digital AP Exams: 




    AP (Advanced Placement) Exam Registration, Ordering, and Payment Procedures

    2020-2021 School Year

    How to register for AP exams 2020-21 

    Dear AP Exam Families, 

    Students taking AP exams in May of 2021 are required to register, order, and pay for their AP exams in October of 2020.

    The AP Exam Registration and Order Deadline is October 16, 2020.

    The AP Exam Payment Deadline is October 30, 2020. 

    The cost of each AP exam is $95.00. Contact Dr. Burns if you may be eligible for a reduced fee exam. 

    Exam payments must be received in the High School Counseling Office by October 30, 2020.

    Beginning November 14, 2020 - Late ordered exams incur an additional $40 fee added to the cost of each exam regardless of reduced exam fee eligibility. This date has been set by the College Board. 

    At the beginning of the 2020-21 school year, AP students will complete a simple online enrollment process that will provide access to AP classroom resources and information necessary for AP exam registration. Students must have a College Board account to enroll in the AP resources and digital exam registration system.

    Students wishing to take an AP exam that are not enrolled in the AP course at the High School should contact Dr. Burns at the High School School Counseling Office by October 1, 2020. These students would include BeLA and homeschooled students. 

    Before making an exam order decision, students should research the AP credit policies for their intended college/university and their planned major program of study. For the most up-to-date individual institution AP credit policy information, student's should check the institution's (college/university) website and then contact an academic advisor in their intended major. General AP credit policy information can be found here.

    Review the 2021 AP Exam Calendar and Save the Date(s) for your exam(s). 

    Carefully check the 2021 AP Exam Calendar for possible conflicts prior to ordering the exam(s) If taking more than one exam, or if you may have a conflict with a scheduled exam for any additional reason. Students should contact Dr. Burns in the School Counseling Office prior to October 1st with potential exam schedule conflicts. An alternate, late-testing, exam may need to be ordered. 

    • Athletes will not be permited to leave an AP exam early to participate in an athletic event.
    • Students will not be permited to leave an AP exam early to go to work.
    • Morning exam students will eat the last lunch period.
    • Afternoon exam students will eat the earliest lunch period. 
    • Students taking afternoon exams need to plan on alternate transportion home other than the school bus. Afternoon exams may not be completed until 4:00 pm or in some cases 4:30 pm. Transportation after testing is not provided. 

    Also, review the CollegeBoard's AP Exam Policies and Guidelines, found here. 

    Digital Exam Registration Activation: 

    • When Creating a MyAP College Board Account, do not use your school email address. Save the user name and password for the account for future reference. It will be needed every time you Sign-in.
    • Parents should assist students when they create their College Board account. Some personally identifying information will be requested. Please monitor the required versus optional indentifying information that your student provides to the College Board.
    • Students will then join the AP course digital registration system for every AP course they are enrolled, using the Join Code provided by their AP teacher for each course. 
    • Create an account at this site: Home - AP Students then view the instructional video (turn down your volume first) with how to register in the AP Classroom Registration System with the Join Code(s) provided by their AP Teacher(s).
    • In the digital exam registration system, students will need to indicate their decision to take (order) the AP exam by going to Register for the Exam and indicate "Yes, Confirm Registration" or "No, I wish to remove myself from taking this AP exam" by the registration deadline. 
    • Students committing "Yes, Confirm Registration" as their decision to take the AP exam must submit payment to the High School Counseling Office by the payment deadline to have the exam ordered for them.
    • Notify Dr. Burns of any potential exam conflicts. An alternate exam may need to be ordered.
    • SUMMARY: Students must

                  1) Join the course in College Board's AP class registration system. For non-video instructions click here.

                  2) Indicate Yes, Confirm Registration, to order the exam.

                  3) Pay for the exam in the High School Counseling Office or mail payment to the High School Attn: AP Registation. 

          Students who do not do all 3 steps ARE NOT registered for the exam and will not have the exam ordered for them.  

    AP Exam Registration Decison Deadline:

    October 16, 2020 -- The deadline to indicate "Yes, Confirm Registration" or indicate "No, I wish to remove myself from taking this AP exam" in the Digital Exam Registration. 

    After October 16th -- An "Undecided" decision will be changed to "No, I wish to remove myself from taking this AP exam." 

    AP Exam Costs: 

    The cost of each exam is $95.00. If registering to take more than one exam, the cost of each exam remains $95.00.

                Ex: 1 Exam = $95.00; 2 Exams = $190; 3 Exams = $285; 4 Exams = $380

    Reduced Fee Eligibility - If a student believes they may be eiligible for a fee reduced exam they should contact Dr. Burns at the High School Counseling Office by October 1, 2020. If you have missed the date contact Dr. Burns as soon as possible.

    For further information about exam fees and information on the AP Exam Reduced Fee Policy click here.

    Checks, cash, and money orders are accepted for payment.

    Checks and Money Orders must be made payable to Bellefonte Area School District or BASD. All payment forms must be in a sealed envelope. Only one check or money order is needed for a student's total exam registration costs. The student's first and last name and the name(s) of the AP exam(s) to be ordered must absolutely be on the check, money order, or if paying by cash indicated with a note in the envelope.

    Write on the outside of the envelope:

    a) the student's name

    b) the name of the AP exam(s)

    c) the dollar amount enclosed paying for the exam(s)

    If payment is brought into the School Counseling Office, let Mrs. Winkelman or Mrs. Heredia know that you there to make your AP exam payment. 

    Payments may also be mailed to the High School, Attn: AP Registration. 

    AP Exam Payment Deadline: 

    October 30, 2020 -- The deadline for AP Exam payment to be received by the High School Counseling Office. 

    If an exam payment is being sent in the USPS mail contact Dr. Burns, by email or phone, to let her know to look for payment. Exam payments can be mailed to:

    Bellefonte Area High School

    830 E. Bishop Street

    Bellefonte, PA  16823

    Att: AP Registration

    Exam registration is not complete until payment is received. Late fees may incur if the payment deadline is not met. 

    Fees Incurred:

    Mandated by College Board, after the exam order has been placed, late ordered, late-testing, and unused/canceled exam fees apply:

    • Late ordered exams incur an additional $40 fee added to the cost of each exam regardless of reduced exam fee eligibility. 
    • Late-testing exams incur an additional $40 fee added to the cost of each exam regardless of reduced exam fee eligibility.  Some exceptions apply, speak to Dr. Burns if you feel you may have a late-testing circumstance.     
    • Unused/Canceled exam fees are not applicable for 2020-21 only, given this year’s unusual circumstances and to help students in making their exam registration decisions.

    College Board Exam Accommodation Requests:

    If a student is eligible for special accommodation(s) for College Board testing and plans to take an AP exam, they must contact Dr. Burns at the High School Counseling Office by October 1, 2020. If you have missed the date contact Dr. Burns as soon as possible.

    Accommodation requests through College Board can be a lengthy process requiring seven weeks for approval once the request is submitted. Request for accommodations must be approved through College Board prior to testing. 

    For Further Information about College Board Accommodation Requests go here.

    For AP Exam Accommodations, Exam Registration, and Exam Ordering Questions Contact:

    Jeanie M. Burns, PhD

    High School Counselor


    814-355-4833 extension 8525