• ERS Fall 2013
    District employees recognized at the November 12, 2013 board meeting 
    Front row (left to right): Edward Fitzgerald, Jeffrey Mudry, Christine Fratangelo, Megan Rankin ,
    Shannon Albert, Karen Shawley, Roger Peck
    Back row (left to right): Alan Harchek, Cory Cunnignham,
    Susan Benson, Melissa Duckworth, Sandra Dieterle
    (Inset photo: Harold Roan) 
     Employee Recognition System

    Saluting Every BASD Employee
    Courteous – Caring – Considerate – Cooperative
    Helpful - Service Beyond Expectations – Accommodating

     Bellefonte Area School District

    The Bellefonte Area School District appreciates each employee for contributing to the success of our students.  An Employee Recognition System was created to provide an opportunity to recognize employees.  The Board of School Directors congratulated the following recipients of the Employee Recognition System award at the November 12, 2013, Regular Board Meeting.  Employees were nominated by their coworkers in their respective district buildings.  

    Excerpts of coworkers’ nomination comments included:  “…works her hardest to improve her students’ ability in math, but over the last two years, she has been instrumental in promoting School-Wide Positive Behavior and school spirit.…displays a kindness and consideration that seems to be lacking more and more in today’s world.…love how he challenges the students to not only be great students but also the best people they can be.… goes out of her way to greet ALL students and genuinely cares about them.… his personality is a modest one, in that he expects no gratitude or recognition, he simply gives all he can because, “It’s the right thing to do.”…has excellent qualities, which include being supportive to staff.  He is kind, understanding, and respectful....kind and caring when working with students.…always willing to jump in and does so with a good attitude.…a wonderful teacher.…knows all students’ names and is very friendly will all students and staff.…deserves recognition for her hard work as a superb teacher…does her job with enthusiasm…very approachable, kind, considerate, and a team player…”


    Professional Staff Recipients:

       Melissa Duckworth, Bellefonte Area High School

       Edward Fitzgerald , Bellefonte Area Middle School
       Jeffrey Mudry, Bellefonte Elementary School
       Shannon Albert, Benner Elementary School
       Allen Harchak, Marion-Walker Elementary School

    Megan Rankin, Pleasant Gap Elementary School

    Support Staff Recipients:

       Harold Roan, Bellefonte Area High School

            Sandra Dieterle, Bellefonte Area Middle School
       Roger Peck, Bellefonte Elementary School
       Susan Benson,Benner Elementary School
       Karen Shawley,  Marion-Walker Elementary School
       Christine Fratangelo, Pleasant Gap Elementary School
       Cory Cunningham, Bellefonte Area School District

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