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    Arlin Roth
    Instructional Technology Specialist

                 Arlin Roth

    I have worked as an instructional technology specialist since 2004. I work with teachers and students in all grade levels to effectively use technology tools for teaching and learning. I also work with administrators and support staff to provide training and answer questions related to Google Workspace for Education, and instructional technology resources. I enjoy finding solutions to issues that make using technology frustrating.

  • My role allows me to function as an instructional coach to collaborate with teachers to identify, plan and deliver technology-enhanced instruction. I specialize in providing personalized, ongoing, classroom-based support and training.

    Here are a few ways that I can help you:

    • Discuss and answer questions about technology integration, flipped classrooms, and anything related to using technology for teaching and learning.
    • Help you plan an activity, lesson, or project that involves the use of technology
    • Model the use of tech tools for you and your students to use
    • Provide classroom support for using Chromebooks, Google Workspace for Education, and other technology resources
    • Provide hands-on training and assistance with class projects
    • Provide tips, tools, and shortcuts to make using technology less frustrating
    If you would like to set up a time for me to work with you and/or your students, please email me. If you have a computer or technology problem to report, please submit all technology support requests through FMX.
    In addition to the information and resources available on the teacher tech tools web page, I also post links to instructional technology news and tips in a shared document. If you would like more frequent updates, check my Twitter feed ⏩.
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