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    On this page you will find information for the 2022-2023 Yearbook.
    School Photos:
    Underclassman and Senior IDs: 9/12/22. - contact Vicky Confer with questions. vconfer@basd.net
                                    Makeup Day: 10/13/22

    Senior Photo Information:

    Seniors: Senior photos will be on September 20th and September 21st. Contact aweigold@basd.net to change your time or reschedule.

    Retake day for all seniors will be October 18th, so if you want the option of possibly having a retake you must attend the first session. Please email aweigold@basd.net to schedule a retake.

             - Please wear a nice casual outfit, your formal attire will be provided. Boys: we will have a white dress shirt, suit jacket, and bow tie. Ladies: should wear a cami or tank top underneath as we will be using a drape for the formal photos.

    • Seniors: If you would like to view your photo or order photos visit Dale Manning Photography's website
    • Any questions about selecting your senior photo should be directed to Mr. Weigold in room 214 or Dale Manning at dale@manningphoto.net
    Senior Class Photo: September 29th at 9:10 on the Football Field - Rain Date of September 30th at 9:55.

    Seniors: DEADLINE for all senior material: November 18th 2022

    If you have, (Senior Ads, Baby Pictures, Flashback Pictures, and Senior Messages) turn them into the Labelle staff in Room 214 or email them to aweigold@basd.net before November 18 2022 or they will not be in the Yearbook. Senior Packets were passed out during the first week of school.

    If you have any questions regarding these materials or the yearbook in general, feel free to email me at aweigold@basd.net and talk to Mr. Weigold, the yearbook adviser.

    Info on Senior Material:
    PDA's (Parent Ads)

    This year you may create your own PDA using Josten's ad service or you can send in your material and we can make it for you. If you create a rough draft and send it to school or email it to aweigold@basd.net with your photos, the Yearbook staff will create the PDA and send you a proof. We prefer you submit the photos and text and make a rough drawing of the layout. 

    -- Due Date: November 18th 2022

    -- Make all checks payable to "BASD."

     -- Senior PDA's: Want to choose your own font for the PDA? Then click Here to look over all the fonts that are available to us through Jostens.

     -- Senior PDA's: Want to choose the color of your font or background? Then click Here to look over the colors that are available.

     Download the SENIOR PACKET (received the first week of school)
    Contact and Submit Photos:
           a. Try aweigold@basd.net
           b.  If that doesn't work/ you don't get a response try, bahsyearbook@gmail.com 

    All Students

    Click on the pictures below to Order your yearbook before 4/7. After that date you must see Mr. Weigold in room 214 to order by using a check written to BASD or cash. 

    Order Your Yearbook  

    Prices of the Book 
    $65 August 30th until September 23rd
    $70 September 24th until October 21st  
    $75 October 22nd until December 31st
    $80 January 1st until January 27th
    $80 January 28th until the end of the year - No Personalization

    Upload Your Photos - Email to aweigold@basd.net

    Please identify the subjects in the image, first, last name, and grade level. Make sure to upload high quality images with no editing and in the JPEG format.

    We can not guarantee that your pictures will be in the yearbook, but we will do our best to get them in the yearbook.  Our staff is always looking for great pictures.   

    Pictures must be at least 3 megapixels or scanned at 300 dpi.  You may also save your photos with an identifying filename:  Last name_First name so that we may identify your photo and students in the photo.  We will not accept photos without proper identification.


    Do you want to get your business recognized? Here is the way to do it! Place an ad in the 2023 Bellefonte Yearbook and get all the attention your business could ever want! For more information please contact Mr. Weigold at aweigold@basd.net