Mr. Eric Brinser, Director of Choirs

    Course Syllabus 

    Each Performing Arts instructor will decide on a public performance for their classes and ensembles for the fall semester. These will most likely be in the form of recordings or live-streams posted to our various Performing Arts social media platforms. There will not be traditional evening concerts. This decision was reached via discussion between all Performing Arts staff, taking into account the current research and science for participant and audience safety. Spring performances will be evaluated after January.

     Choir Course Objectives
    Students will be able to...

    ... Demonstrate knowledge of composers, historical backgrounds, text, and other relevant information of the performance repertoire

    ... Sight sing basic to intermediate melodies and rhythms
    ... Demonstrate knowledge of vocal anatomy and healthy singing habits and techniques
    ... Sing using healthy singing habits and techniques
    ... Evaluate their own performances as well performances as other musical ensembles
    ... Reflect on and respond to prompts relating to a variety of topics concerning the choir’s repertoire, performances, and the student’s own musical growth.