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    Congratulations Class of 2022! You have made it through unprecedented times with flying colors! We are excited to see where you will go and the amazing things your future holds. Thank you parents for all your support throughout the years! You have done a phenomenal job raising your children and we share your pride! Class of 2022: Remember to be kind and respect each other moving forward! When you get a chance please stop by to let us know how you are all doing! We are really going to miss this class and the overall personality of the group! Until we meet again..........................

    Kim Gasper/Mike Wilson

    Class of 2022 Advisors
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    Class Advisors: Ms. Kim Gasper kgasper@basd.net

                           Mr. Michael Wilson mwilson@basd.net


    Class of 2022 Parent Group Information:

    Hi Everyone!!!
    This is just a note to let you newbies in on a little of the exciting things that are planned for your Seniors!
    We wanted you to know this information so you can encourage your Seniors to participate!!
    May 14th PROM food ,music and dancing!!!
    May 20-All Night Party-Parent Group hosts this event
    -Bull riding
    -Axe throwing
    -Obstacle Course
    -Tub Races
    FREE FOOD!!!
    funnel cake
    pizza fruit
    and lots more!!
    Gift Cards
    June 1st-Senior Breakfast
    Senior gift from Parent Group (pretty Cool)
    Great Food!!
    June 6th Senior Picnic- Parent Group sponsored
    Urban is supplying food
    Ice cream 
    Fun Activities on the water too!
    Please encourage your kids to participate! This is a one in a lifetime thing and super FUN!!!
    Hi Everyone !
    If you are interested in signing up to volunteer for the All Night Party or the Senior Picnic, here are the links!
    You must have your clearances!


    Hi  Everyone!

    The time is quickly passing and soon these events will be here! We are in desperate need of volunteers for the All Night Party. If you can help, it is on May 20th. We need a lot of volunteers to make this happen , so please volunteer! You will need clearances, they are free of charge if you go through the BASD website. It is taking 2 weeks for part of this process, so please get started now!
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!
    We are also looking for prizes for the All Night Party. If you would like to donate one please contact me or if you know of a business that might donate I have attached a letter to give them. Please before you contact a business check with me to see if we have already reached out to them! 
    Thanks for your help!
    Hi Everyone!
    The days are passing quickly!! Soon these events will be upon us! Listed are the dates for the Senior Activities. We will need volunteers for the All Night Party and the Senior Picnic.
     Lisa Miller is coordinating this( thanks Lisa)
    Please contact her if you are available to help!
    Here's the schedule as of now:
    April 29 - Senior Class Trip
    May 14 - Senior Ball
    May 20-21 - Senior All Night Party
    June 1 - Senior Breakfast
    June 2 - Cap & Gown
    June 3 - Senior Walk
    June 6 - Senior Picnic
    June 7 - Awards Night
    June 9 - Graduation
    You will need clearances which you can get for free through the BASD website.
    Volunteers needed for the Senior All Night Party & Senior Picnic!!! Please contact Lisa Miller at lmmiller1124@gmail.com to help. Thank you!