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  • Success Starts Here

    Success Starts Here

    Bellefonte Area School District is regularly featured on a website supported by the Pennsylvania School Board Association, or PSBA. The Success Starts Here campaign is a multiyear statewide effort to promote public schools from around the commonwealth.

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  • Myken Poorman, PA Teacher of the Year finalist

    Myken Poorman, PA Teacher of the Year finalist

    Bellefonte Area High School agriculture teacher and FFA adviser Myken Poorman is in the running for the state Teacher of the Year award. The winner will be announced in December.

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  • Bellefonte Reads supports Jared Box Project

    Bellefonte Reads supports Jared Box Project

    The Bellefonte Reads committee is hosting a book drive through Oct. 26 to help support the Jared Box Project. Through drop-off locations in the Bellefonte area, the community is encouraged to donate a new book appropriate for infants to teens that will be placed in Jared boxes.

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  • Pleasant Gap class gets book donations

    Pleasant Gap class gets book donations

    Books donated to Pam Grimminger’s fourth-grade class at Pleasant Gap Elementary School are being used to promote literacy and other topics the books focus on. Grimminger received about 80 books since the start of school after she created an Amazon wish list looking for donations to help enhance her classroom library.

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  • Benner Elementary garden

    Benner Elementary garden

    You can find a garden at Benner Elementary School that grows many produce and also has a pollinator garden to help attract insects and includes nectar-producing plants to enhance insect habitat and garden growth.

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  • We would like to take this opportunity to provide some up-to-date information about head lice. There have been multiple questions about lice recently, and we find that there is valuable information out there for parents to have regarding lice. There is really no such thing as an outbreak of lice. Lice are carried by persons and need a human host to live. Lice do not fly, jump, hop, or skip. Lice carry many negative connotations, and the most up to date information helps to dispel the many myths that surround this topic. Lice carry no diseases just make people itch and uncomfortable until they are treated. Lice are carried by a person, and that person feels marked, can feel humiliated, and bad for being singled out. School transmission is rare, and research states the only way to give lice to someone is by prolonged head-to-head contact.

    For more information, please click here.

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  • Athletic Criteria Committee

    Activity Fees Committee

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  • Annual Report 2017-18

    Annual Report 2016-17 (school year 15-16 data; 16-17 updates)

    Annual Report 2014-15  (school year 14-15 data; 15-16 updates)

    Annual Report  2013-14 (school year 13-14 data; 14-15 updates)

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  • Bellefonte Area School District believes it is their responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students.  We also believe it is our responsibility to provide information and resources to broaden the knowledge and deepen the understanding of issues that affect our students and our community.  Please click here to view the powerpoint presentation from the June 28th School Board meeting.  Click here to view the accompanying video and audio to the powerpoint.  

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  • PSSA Information for Parents


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  • Information from the March Drug Awareness and Prevention Seminar


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  • Parent Advisory Council Presentation on Data - Detangling the Data Dilemma Detangling the Data Dilemma

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  • You can now donate to the Bellefonte Area School District through the Bellefonte Education Foundation.  Please list in the Paypal description where you would like your funds directed to.


    Bellefonte Area School District is one of five districts featuring the learning opportunities and initiatives that are 'making an impact' within Pennsylvania.  Take a few minutes and watch the Making An Impact videos focusing on our kindergarten and mindfulness pilots at Bellefonte Elementary: Click Here
    Bellefonte Area School District is a great place to learn and grow; we are Bellefonte proud! 

    Helping parents meet the needs of our earliest learners is important to our district.  If you are interested in exploring any of the following pre-K opportunities - Head Start, Early Head Start, or PA Pre-K Counts, please call the Wingate office of CenClear at 814-353-0791 or reach them through their web address at: 

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