Technology as a System Video (open vs. closed loop):
Energy Simulations:
Technology Links:

Catapult Simulation

 Element Presentation Link: (Interactive Periodic Table)
Some good science current event resources:

Current Event Form

Science News Online

Yahoo News Science

CNN Space and Science News

USA Today Tech News

National Geographic News

Discovery Channel News


Hurricane Tracking Activity

Weather Review Game

Another Weather Review Game


Naming Hurricanes


US National Weather Service - for the activity on p. 26-27 of the weather packet.

The Weather Channel - Worldwide weather as well as local weather reports.

Check Current Weather Conditions

Greenhouse Effect Article

USA Today Weather Education:  A great resource for our severe weather Power Point presentations 

Temperature Conversion Calculator


How Stuff Works

Balancing Equations Practice (Click on Classic Chembalancer)
Chem4Kids Web Site - for our Chemistry Internet Activity

Chemistry Glossary Terms - useful for the Chemistry Internet Activity

Proton Don - a naming the elements game to be played after completing the chem4kids activity.

Interactive Periodic Table

Web Elements Periodic Table -  the best overall table to use for the element report.

Atomic Bomb Info